Business Diagnostics

All organizations, large or small, are facing increasing pressure for higher levels of productivity, return on investment, shareholder value and other measures of performance.

It is a common fact that most businesses are only operating at 60 - 70% of their optimal efficiency. What would happen to your business if you increased your effectiveness by 10 % - 20% or more each year - without increasing your fixed costs?

What do you want your business to do for you? When you first went in to business you had hopes and dreams about what your business should be like, how it should operate and where it would go in the future. Running a small-to-medium sized (SME) or family owned business means you are often faced with an overwhelming array of daily challenges - challenges that can take your focus away from the future of your business, because you are simply trying to get by today.

A business diagnostic is an impartial and practical analysis of your business. It is a way to obtain insight into your business operations, to determine where you should set your priorities, and to define what areas need immediate attention.

A business diagnostic adds value by taking stock of the current situation, identifying future needs and measuring the gaps between the two contexts. This process provides a focus for effective decision making.

A business diagnostic is recommended for companies in highly competitive industries or those experiencing significant pressure because of an uncertain business climate, increased costs, diminishing markets, or internal challenges.

Diagnostic tools can help you to:

Our improvement plans and actions address complete business performance needs including business processes, information technology, and organizational issues. Whether you need a quick analysis or a detailed plan, we custom tailor our approach to meet your business strategy needs.

The business diagnostic process

We don't look at your business purely from a historical perspective. Instead, we actively work with you to develop your business and improve it as it happens. BSG is a specialist firm offering a range of integrated business services that allow us to combine our wide array of business tools and resources with our extensive experience working with small to medium sized enterprises (SME's) to bring you a comprehensive analysis service.

We lead you through a personalized strategic and operational review that is comprised of three distinct stages:

  1. Data Gathering and analysis: Using sophisticated business analysis tools, we will work closely with you to assess critical areas of your business. The information you provide will allow us to conduct a high-level diagnostic review of your current strategic position and overall operational performance.
  2. Strategic and Operations Plan: Based on the diagnostic review, we will help you identify exactly what needs to be done in your business to reach your goals. Together we will develop key action steps and a project plan with timelines and resources to make it happen.
  3. Monitoring and Implementation: To ensure that you stay on track, we will monitor the project management plan and work with you on the implementation of the action steps required. We will work closely with you to ensure your goals are achieved, on target and on time.

How the process works in practice

  1. Data Gathering and analysis: The process starts with determining your objectives and reasons for being in business. Knowing what you want is very important. We then review the external and internal factors affecting your business performance.
    1. External Factors: We first examine your business' external forces such as its customers, competitors, industry and technology in broad context relative to current market conditions.
    2. Internal Factors: We then examine your business' internal factors including the production process, marketing and sales, your people, your systems and processes and your financial management practices relative to the broad context of your business operations.
    3. Performance Indicators: We will take you through a series of critical questions that are related to the following key performance areas of your business:
  2. Strategic and operations action plans: The next step in the process is to develop strategic and operational action plans, where we will use our analysis to help you identify what needs to be done in your business to reach your goals. Together we will develop action plans based directly on the challenges you face, and taking into account the key stakeholders involved - you, your team, your customers and your suppliers. The result is a structured, step-by-step strategic and operational project plan that outlines what needs to be done, when it will happen, and who is responsible for each action step.
  3. Ongoing Monitoring and implementation: Ensuring that the action plans get underway and the work gets done is the most crucial stage in the process. BSG brings discipline and expertise in rolling out the specific action steps required for each challenge, and our approach to implementation and monitoring is issue-based, work plan driven, and output oriented. We also believe in a high degree of two-way communication throughout the process. To ensure you stay on track, our ongoing monitoring and implementation services include developing and monitoring a project plan. This will allow you to drive the implementation of the plans to ensure that the benefits are realized.
  4. Business Diagnostic Report: BSG will provide you with a business diagnostic report outlining current findings of your business based on interviews with key managers, staff and management and a detailed financial ratio analysis report. The report will include a series of recommendations outlining a workable strategy and action plan to position your business for success going forward. The key components of the BSG Business Diagnostic will provide your business with critical information on some of the critical components of your business, such as:
  5. Short, medium and long-term action plan: The results of the business diagnostic process will assist management to make more informed decisions about the strategy required to make necessary improvements in a quick and efficient manner that will maximise profitability and business success.

The benefits

The benefits of using the BSG Business Diagnostic Service are:

BSG takes pride in "thinking outside the box and providing practical advice that works" while attending to business basics. Our commitment is to provide you with a professional business approach that delivers innovative strategies and measurable results.

Work smarter, not harder

BSG's Business Diagnostic Service prevents you from aimless and costly wandering. Our comprehensive strategic and operational analysis is generally the first step undertaken in creating a systematic business development plan and profit improvement strategy. BSG provides helpful observations, comments and a suggested action plan to cover both immediate changes and short-term priorities.