Strategic Planning

..... if you don't know where you're going it doesn't matter where you're heading .....

A purpose and a sense of direction can make a massive difference to a person or a team. It can change the very course of history.

The difference between many successful businesses and the rest can often be distilled to one simple fact. A successful business has everybody heading in the same direction. Just this one simple thing makes a massive difference to the energy, the motivation and the probability of success in almost any endeavour. Most businesses owners that have had some exposure to a strategic business plan regard this as either unaffordable or a load of BS. They are wrong, and they are right!

They are right in many cases because many business strategies have been written to adorn bookshelves or occupy space, while gathering dust in a pile in the corner of the office. These plans have often been the product of "outside consultants" who had "wonderful but impractical ideas". These plans may have been brilliant, but if they are not yours, or your teams, then whose are they?

In engineering design one learns the lesson that no person can be technologically innovative on their own. Sure, you'll have some bright ideas, and some may even work .... but to really have outstanding results, you need the dynamics of a team, of a discussion with someone who challenges your ideas, or who re-states them in new words, or who doesn't understand you - and in your explaining you find holes in your own thinking... Many of these lessons are applicable to strategic planning, to compiling your business strategy. If you have no desire to confirm where you're going, and why you will be taking certain actions - and if it doesn't matter what the competitors will be doing, and if it doesn't matter that team members are pulling in diverse directions, then there is little that a strategy plan will do for you.

BUT, if the course of the business must be reviewed, and you must proceed along a new line, and your team must be revitalised, then it may be time to call in a strategy planner's assistance to support you. Not to DO the planning. Through some light guidance, assistance and facilitatation YOU remain in control, and the resulting plan is that of you and your team. Together your team can then move into the future. Does this sound like something worth doing to you?

After a brief confidential discussion we will be able to give you an idea of the direction you should take. So, if you would like to achieve direction in your business click here now.